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Seven MCQs on Organization Development

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Seven MCQs on Organization Development

1. Which of the following is not part of the performance management model? Choose one answer.

       a. goal setting                                       

       b. reward systems                                 

       c. organization structure                                  

       d. performance appraisal                                   

       e. workplace technology 

2. The goal setting process involves Choose one answer.

       a. establishing challenging goals                                  

       b. clarifying the necessary skills and knowledge                                 

       c. clarifying goal measurement                                    

       d. A and C                                 

       e. A and B             

3. Management by objectives is characterized by systematic and periodic _____________. Choose one answer.

       a. top management meetings to plan work, review progress and solve problems                               

       b. subordinate meetings to plan work, review progress and solve problems                                          

       c. measurements of progress toward goals                                          

       d. joint meetings of management and subordinates to plan work, review progress, and solve problems          

4. Performance appraisal is an important link between __________ and ______________. Choose one answer.

       a. structure and employee involvement systems                                 

       b. evaluation systems and productivity                                   

       c. feedback systems and reward systems                                 

       d. none of the above     

5. Which of the following is not a design criterion for performance appraisal? Choose one answer.

       a. acceptance by organizational members                               

       b. must be available to top performing employees                                         

       c. focuses on critical control points                                         

       d. meets a cost/benefit test                                          

       e. should measure performance as accurately as possible       

6. Reward system process issues are concerned with Choose one answer.

       a. communication                                 

       b. amount of pay                                  

       c. participation                                      

       d. all of the above                                 

       e. A and C          

7. Which of the following ratio measures is the Scanlon Plan gain-sharing bonus plan based? Choose one answer.

       a. employee turnover compared with production costs                                   

       b. payroll expenses compared to sales volume                                    

       c. production expenses compared to net profit                                    

       d. all the above                                     

       e. none of the above      

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[Solved] Seven MCQs on Organization Development

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Seven MCQs on Organization Development

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