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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CourseMerits all about?

    • is a Virtual Tutoring Place where knowledge is shared with a little pocket money to cover up for the extra money a student needs. Just post a request and the tutors will respond with solutions that would help you understand the concept better.
  • How does this Work?

    • We have thought hard at keeping things simple at CourseMerits. Just in case you’re still confused, see the how it works page for further details.
  • Students

    • Post a Request by following simple instructions. Stay tuned and keep checking your emails. We will mail you as soon as our Tutors respond by sending Messages or Posting the Solutions. You can Preview 10% of the Solution so you can have an idea before making the Purchase Once Purchased, come back to Rate the Tutors and Teach others!
  • Tutors

    • Reply to the Requests by posting Solutions to help students understand the Concept better.You may communicate with Students by Sending them Messages for Clarification.You may also Post Solutions if there isn’t a Request Posted yet. This site is does not encourage cheating. You are not allowed to Post Answers to Requests rather a complete Solution (along with illustrations) should be posted. We will NOT tolerate any ACT against our Code of Conduct.
  • How to Post a Request?

    • Go to the Homepage. Type in the problem and click Post. Fill in the fields and There you go! also you can post question via post question tab.
  • How much Price should I set?

    • If you think you know the price, that’s all you need. If you don’t know the price, wait for out tutors to respond with prices stated next to their Solutions.
  • How much does a Solution costs?

    • Solution costs you absolutely Nothing. Ha! Kidding me? No, that’s true unless you Buy a Solution. In that case, you pay only the amount stated in the Box next to Solutions.
  • How do I rate and write a comment for a Tutor?

    • Click the Bucket, and you’ll find the option to Rate a tutor.
  • How do I Post a Solution to the problem I know I can help someone with?

    • We’ve made that simple for you. Just go to Request you think you know answer to. Click Submit Solution, Enter the Price and Post your Solution.
  • Can I post a Solution to which there hasn’t been a Request yet?

    • Interesting question that. But you’re thinking.Yes you certainly can. Just click Post Solution tab and follow easy steps to get going.
  • Implement these tips to maximize your earnings

    • 1. Communicate with students. Use PMs and chat. The best is to chat with a student shortly after he posts a question. Be on the chat at GMT day time. That's when most of the questions are posted. Our highest earning teachers often follow this tip.

      Note: if you are a new teacher with no rating, this will give you the edge you need to get started.

      2. Build long term relationships. Make sure students are really happy with the service you provide. If you succeed, they will be looking for you for their next assignment and not the other way around

      3. Be fast and responsive. When a new homework is posted, react fast by communicating with the student. Fast reaction encourages closure. Use Homework notifications to achieve fast reaction

      4. Always Shake hands with a student before you start working

      5. Always request a down payment (during hand shake) to secure your efforts

      6. Go for the difficult questions. Their answers are purchased much more often

      7. Don't price your answers too low. A student will be happy to pay several extra bucks for a high quality answer

      8. Focus on urgent questions. Answers to urgent questions have a high purchase rate
  • Adding content to an answer after it was purchased

    • If a student purchased your answer and you find out something is missing, you can always add it.

      You need to edit the answer the student already purchased. He will still see the answer full view after you make the changes. To edit your answer, find the question page, scroll down to your answer, click the modify button and change your answer.

      You can also add new attachments to your answer.

      Note: You cannot change the price of the posted solution.
  • Homework notifications

    • 1. You can get email notifications for homework posted on the site based on their field of study and a willing to pay threshold.

      2. To setup homework notifications go to My account -> Email Preferences. To add a specific type of homework to your homework notifications, click submit to start receiving notifications via Email.
  • How do down payments work?

    • 1. Down payment for a homework question is paid during a hand shake.

      2. Your down payment provides you credit to buy answers for the specific question and teacher the down payment was made for
  • What is a handshake?

    • 1.You may receive a hand shake request from a teacher for one of your questions

      2.It's purpose is to make a agreement with the teacher

      3.Make sure the due date and price are clearly defined in the agreement

      4. The teacher request a down payment to start working via Handshake Process

      5. After you accepted the handshake request and you paid the down payment, the hand shake is complete

      6.At this point, you gave your word to buy the answer once it's submitted in accordance to the Handshake Process
  • I don't have a PayPal account. How can I pay for homework?

    • You can pay with a credit or debit card using PayPal without having a PayPal account and without registering for such an account.

      1. Click the Pay Now button of the answer you wish to purchase, you will be redirected to a PayPal web page

      2. Click the 'Pay with a credit or debit card' text below.

      3.It might be easier if you uncheck the checkbox near 'Save this information with a PayPal account' at the bottom of the page

      4.Proceed by filling in the rest of the information and clicking Agree and Continue at the bottom
  • What is your policy aganist copyright work?

    • complies with DMCA 512C. Posting or uploading copyrighted content is strictly forbidden. If in doubt, post only information that accurately IDs the assignment you need help with e.g. Principles of Microeconomics, University name, week number, exercise number.

  • Am I cheating by using this site for help?

    • You’ve answered part of your question there. Is finding help ‘cheating’? It’s just that you get a focused help and save yourself time spent on scribbling through the books and searching over internet trying to find a solution to a single problem. And if you do find the solution, you may not understand. That’s what we are here for. To help you figure out exactly where the problem lies and Grasp the Concept.
  • Is there any policy to avoid cheating?

    • You bet we have one, and we are very Strict about it. Our Site’s Code of Conduct has it all.