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Two essay questions and 10 MCQs on principle of management

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Two essay questions and 10 MCQs on principle of management

Essay 1. - Within an organization, the control process normally progresses through four steps. Discuss these steps as they would apply to an important management situation of your choosing.   Step 1. Establish the standards of performance, goals, or targets against which performance is to be evaluated.  Step 2. Measure actual performance. Step 3. Compare actual performance against chosen standards of performance.  Step 4. Evaluate the result and initiate corrective action (that is, make changes) if the standard is not being achieved.  (300) word minimum.

Essay 2. - Both external recruiting and internal recruiting of new managers have advantages and disadvantages for the organization. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of both of these types of recruiting and compare them.(300) word minimum.

Multiple Choice Questions:

Question 1- A manager attempting to select a test for a job applicant that will be a good predictor of the applicant's performance on the job if hired should be primarily concerned with the __________ of the test.


A.   Validity

B.    Reliability

C.    Personality

D.   Consistency

Question 2 - An organization sets up a management information system (MIS) that gives managers information about changes in the task environment that may impact the organization later on. This is an example of _____________ control.


A.   Feed forward

B.    Concurrent

C.    Feedback

D.   Bureaucratic

E.    MBO

Question 3 - The final step in the control process is to:


A.   Initiate corrective action

B.    Measure actual performance.

C.    Establish the standards of performance.

D.   Compare actual performance to the standards.

Question 4 - The degree to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure is called the __________ of the test.


A.   Reliability

B.    Validity

C.    RJP ability

D.   Development ability

E.    Outsourcing capability

Question 5 - When managers attempt to fill open positions with workers who are already working for the organization in some other capacity, they are engaging in _______________.


A.   Development

B.    external recruiting

C.    walk-in recruiting

D.   outsourcing

E.    internal recruiting

Question 6 - Prior to designing a training and development program for managers, a human resource specialist attempts to determine which managers need training and what types of skills and knowledge these managers need to develop. This process is known as __________.


A.   job validation

B.    RJP validation

C.    Recruitment

D.   Needs assessment

Question 7 - A manager hires a temporary secretary from an employment agency instead of hiring a permanent secretary. This is an example of:


A.   Outsourcing

B.    On-the-job training.

C.    A 360-degree appraisal.

D.   AN RJP.

E.    Training

Question 8 - The highest performing organizations are those that are:


A.   Extremely stable and reliable.

B.    Alternate between stability and change.

C.    Efficient but not necessarily effective.

D.   Constantly changing.

E.    Highly bureaucratic.

Question 9 - The component of an HRM system that focuses on helping managers to develop the skills and abilities that will enable them to perform their jobs successfully is ___________________.


A.   Training and development

B.    Recruitment

C.    Selection

D.   Performance appraisal

E.    Feedback

Question 10 - A manager assesses a subordinate on personal characteristics that are relevant to the job performance of that subordinate. This is known as __________.


A.   Selection

B.    Trait appraisal

C.    Recruitment

D.   Ability testing

E.    Simulation


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[Solved] Two essay questions and 10 MCQs on principle of management

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Two essay questions and 10 MCQs on principle of management

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