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Big Ideas in Science

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1. Which of the following show the order of technological developments related to studying seismology and plate tectonics?

A. Seismographs, Topographic maps of the ocean floor, Paleomagnetism, Radio Astronomy, Seismic Tomography

B. Radio Astronomy, Paleomagnetism, Topographic maps of the ocean floor, Seismic Tomography, Seismographs

C. Seismographs, Paleomagnetism, Seismic Tomography, Topographic maps of the ocean floor, Radio Astronomy

D. Topographic maps of the ocean floor, Seismic Tomography, Paleomagnetism, Radio Astronomy, Seismographs

2.  _____ waves cannot pass through ____ substances. Mapping the locations where these and other waves transmitted following an earthquake allows for the determining the layers of the _____, as well as the epicenter of an earthquake

  1. Compressional / solid / earth
  2. Shear / liquid / earth
  3.  Compressional / solid / atmosphere
  4. Shear / liquid / atmosphere

3. Through the use of topographic mapping of the ocean floor, deep fissures in the ocean bottom can be located. These fissures are called

  1. Fault lines
  2. Trenches
  3. the ocean deep
  4. a convergent zone
  5. a divergent zone

4. A seismic wave in which the molecules in the rock move back and forth in the same direction as the waves is called?

  1. divergent
  2. convergent
  3. subductive
  4. compressional
  5. transformational

5. Which piece of evidence was not used to support of the theory of plate tectonics?

  1. age of rocks
  2. magnetic properties of ocean floor material
  3. ocean floor topography
  4. measurements from radio astronomy
  5. fossils

6. The following fields of science studies the waves of movement in the crust of the earth

  1. volcanology
  2. seismology
  3. plate tectonics
  4. lithology
  5. athenology



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[Solved] Big Ideas in Science

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Big Ideas in Science

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