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UAE company Analyse the human res

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As a group of 4 students you are expected to choose a UAE company (in the private or
public sector) of your choice and answer the questions listed below relevant to all 4 learning
outcomes of this course. You may use resources such as company reports and may wish to
contact HR department officials to gain first-hand information.
Answers are to be submitted in a group report of no more than a 2000 – 2500 words (500 to
650 words per section).
Section 1: Analyse the human resource management challenges facing businesses from a
Strategic Perspective.
1. Describe the company (2.5 marks);
2. Outline the overall business strategy (2.5 marks);
3. Write about the relationship between the organisation’s business strategy and HR
strategy (2.5 marks);
4. Show the link between three HR practices and the organization’s objectives (2.5
Section 2: Compare human resource management practices in the region and their
effect on employee motivation, attitude and behavior.
1. Apply the VRIO model to your organization of choice (2.5 marks);
2. Write about employee diversity in your company of choice (2.5 marks);
3. Show the relationship between three HR practices, their outcomes and organizational
performance (2.5 marks);
4. Select two HR practices and research the work of at least 3 authors (remember to
reference your work) on the relation between such practices and employee motivation,
attitudes, and behavior (2.5 marks).
Section3: Outline different ways businesses measure human resource input to gain
competitive advantage
Build an HR Balanced scorecard for your company of choice (10 marks).
Section 4: Weigh the ethical implications of strategic human resource management
Choose 3 different processes of HR carried out in your company of choice and discuss the
ethical concerns related to such processes (10 marks)

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[Solved] UAE company Analyse the human res

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UAE company Analyse the hum...
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UAE company Analyse the human res

UAE company Analyse the human resource management challenges facing businesses from a strategic perspective...

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