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Annotated bibliography workplace

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Effects of working under stress The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to assist you in developing research analysis skills including critical thinking, writing, and literature research skills. The annotated bibliography should include a paragraph for each source containing the following information:

Name of the article, including the complete bibliographic citation, using APA format.
Summary/abstract of the article – annotation (sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions in synthesizing the information:
Who? (author)
What was done? (e.g., an experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)
How? (was it done)
What were the findings? (identify the major ones)
Contributions? (new findings, applications, etc.)

Review the complete instructions for the Final Paper in Week Five. To conduct accurate research for the annotated bibliography, consider the following:

Research in peer-reviewed journals or other journals that are considered to have reliable information (do not use sources from the secular press (e.g., Time, Newsweek, or Wikipedia). Review the guidelines for acceptable sources by reading the “Academic Research” section within the Student Responsibilities and Policies tab under Course Home on the left navigation toolbar in your online course.
Identify at least ten academic sources at least six of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library. If you do find something on the World Wide Web, it must be authored and be a reliable source.
In these journals, the research and information is either reviewed by an editorial team (such as for the Academy of Management Review) or a group of peers (such as in many journals you find through the Ashford Online Library).

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[Solved] annotated bibliography workplace

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