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Test Bank Adult Physical Conditions Intervention Strategies 2nd Edition

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Test Bank Adult Physical Conditions Intervention Strategies 2nd Edition

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[Solved] Test Bank Adult Physical Conditions Intervention Strategies 2nd Edition

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Chapter 01 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. An OTA is working with a client who previously sustained a spinal cord injury and is now utilizing a wheelchair. The client’s job is being modified because the client will be unable to resume full job responsibilities as a first-grade teacher. Under the International Classification of Functioning and Disability, how would this scenario be BEST categorized? a. Impairment c. Participation restriction b. Activity limitation d. Disability ____ 2. An OTA is working on a committee to help ensure that public transportation settings continue to offer accessibility for individuals with disabilities. What law is the OTA MOST LIKELY considering when making these recommendations? a. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) b. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) c. World Health Organization (WHO) d. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ____ 3. Initially, OT practitioners treated individuals with mental illness utilizing a variety of arts and crafts with an occupational focus as a diversion from their conditions. What would be the BEST term to describe this focus? a. Purposeful activity c. Physical rehabilitation b. Moral treatment d. Mental rehabilitation ____ 4. After World War II, the field of occupational therapy shifted focus to placing wounded veterans in job-related occupations as a part of the Rehabilitation Movement. How was this different from the way that OT practitioners previously treated their clients? a. The client’s specific illness would be treated b. The client would be treated as a whole person c. Client-centered goals would guide treatment d. A moral treatment model would be used ____ 5. What does the term “occupation” in occupational therapy BEST represent? a. Employment c. Livelihood b. Purposeful activity ____ 6. In relation to occupational therapy, how is the term “occupation” BEST described? a. Something a person wants to do b. A chore that a person has to perform c. A newly acquired skill a person wants to learn ____ 7. What occupational therapy model is BEST described as focusing on the understanding and development of a person’s occupational identity and occupational competence to facilitate adaptation to the dynamic demands of the life patterns and focuses intervention on a client’s volition and habituation to lead to improved competence, identity, and occupational adaptation? a. Model of human occupation (MOHO) b. Canadian model of occupational performance and engagement (CMOP-E) c. Person-environment-occupation-performance (PEOP) ____ 8. What occupational therapy model is BEST described as using an array of interconnected and overlapping circles to explain the interactions between the person, the environment, the person’s occupations, and the performance of those occupations in five dimensions and centers on unde...
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