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Your company is a major developmen

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Your company is a major development firm in the southeast. The company specializes in designing and construction retirement communities throughout the United States. One of the biggest expenses for the company is the cost of project management team traveling to meetings with on-site personnel. The company would like to cut down on this expense.

One alternative the company is considering is Online Collaboration. You have been given responsibility to find more information on online collaboration tools available.

1.       Explain what is online collaborations?

2.       Name some of the tools available for online collaboration?

3.       How are online meetings set up? What is a net meting or video conferencing?

4.       List the hardware and software needed. Make sure to list the equipment which meet the requirement for fast and secure transmission.

5.       What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating online?

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[Solved] Your company is a major developmen

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