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University of Phoenix-LAW 531

  • From Law, General Law
  • Due on 31 Oct, 2021 04:45:00
  • Asked On 04 Oct, 2021 04:47:34
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LAW 531 Final Exam Examination 51 questions

Final Exam Final Quiz Multiple choice Quiz

George, an employee, breaches a fixed-term employment contract by quitting before the end of the term. What can his employer, MNO Inc. recover as damages? a) All amounts already paid to the employee under the contract. b) The costs of hiring a replacement employee plus any increase in salary paid to the replacement employee. c) Nothing, because courts do not order anyone to perform a job against his or her will. d) Only amounts paid to the employee for which the employee has not yet done the work. In a guaranty arrangement, the guarantor: a) Promises to pay the debt of another if that person does not pay. b) Promises to assume responsibility for the quality of goods. c) Promises to pay the debt of another in any circumstances. d) Promises to pay the debt of another contingent up the happening of some external event. Which of the following is a distinguishing feature of a common law legal system? a) The sole source of law is a comprehensive civil code b) Requiring guilt be proven beyond a reasonable doubt c) An appeal process d) The making of law by the judges and the following of precedent If a corporation is properly incorporated in one state and wants to do business in second state, the corporation: a) Register with the Interstate Corporation Commission. b) Must do nothing because being incorporated in one state entitles the corporation to do business in all states. c) May be required to obtain a certificate of authority from the second state. d) Must incorporate in the second state.

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