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Marketing case analysis

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ead the case:

Provide in-depth and thorough analysis for each question (at end of case) by applying assigned readings/chapter material as much as necessary/appropriate in a way that explicitly explains in each application instance what assigned reading material was applied, how it was applied, and why.

Provide rationales (explanations) for your answers/analysis for each question at end of case that are in-depth/drill-down and very specific (not vague).

Takes a well-reasoned clear specific stand on answers/analysis for each question at end of case, avoiding a stand of "it depends."


1.      Consider the variables commonly used to segment markets. Which of these best presents how the makers of 5-hour Energy segmented the market?


I believe the 5-hour Energy could be presented by X number of the variables that segmented the market.


Those variables are: 1- ……, 2- ……, 3- ……, etc…


Below I provide my explain each one of the variables that how they segmented the market of 5-hour Energy.








Structure all of your answers to the case questions like I show them for case question 1.


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[Solved] Marketing case analysis

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Marketing Case Analysis Name Institution Marketing Case Analysis 1 I believe that four variables could be applied to segment 5-hour energy's market. It is essential to highlight that segmentation of the market entails the distinctive classification of the market depending on specific attributes of the customers within each particular market. The segmentation variables for the product included geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. As such, below are explanations of the different variables and how they segmented the market of the 5-hour energy drink. First, it is critical to highlight that the company targeted GNC as the first retail chain through which its marketing team would drive its product through the market. The choice of GNC is a shred of sufficient evidence for the behavioral segmentation of the market in the sense that its customers at the time were highly oriented to fitness and health matters, and sought to avoid any unwanted side effects of consuming energy drinks. The behavioral segmentation of consumer markets may be centered on the benefits derived from consuming the product as well as their status and loyalty (Kotler et al., 2013). The behavioral segmentation of the consumer markets for the product is also evidenced by the strategic discovery by Bhargava that the previous and current manufacturers of other energy drinks concentrated on the production and distribution of a range of products that provided energy and helped the consumers to stay awake. The products also triggered various nutrient conflicts in the bodies of the consumers such as the carbohydrate-induced crash into grogginess. The consumers were also required to consume substantial amounts of liquid products to generate sufficient energy in their bodies. Behavioral segmentation can be centered on the nature and type of benefits derived from the consumption of a particular product. Therefore, Bhargava saw the flaws demonstrated by the other products as a lucrative opportunity to formulate and introduce a product that covered the weak lines exhibited by the previous competitors. Therefore, he developed a sugar-free product with sufficient caffeine content which would offer adequate energy boost for the consumers. The benefits derived from the product by the consumers also included the blend of vitamins and amino acids whose primacy in boosting the focusing capabilities of the human brain cannot be overlooked (Kotler et al., 2013). Therefore, Bhargava exploited the behavioral segmentation of the consumer markets to leverage the opportunity created by the unfulfilling nature of the existing products to the consumers at the time of introducing his new 5-hour energy drink. He centered his product development strategy on the unmet needs of the consumers; implying that he had learned the desired benefits that the consumers intended to derive from consuming the product. While boosting their health and body energy positions, the consumers needed to obtain other benefits from the product such as staying focused and attentive. Therefore, the behavioral segmentation of the consumer markets served as a strategic source of competitive advantage for the business. Demographic segmentation of the consumer markets for the 5-hour energy drink is also evident in t...
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