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MIS607 Assessment 1 - Online Quiz (MIS607 Cybersecurity)

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MIS607_Assessment_1_Brief_Quiz  (100% Correct)




This online quiz tests your knowledge on malware threats, types of malware, and the ways that malware can be spread. Given the ubiquity and importance of information systems in organizations, there are many potential misuses and abuses of information and electronic communication that creates privacy and security problems.

This assessment further examines your knowledge of the ethical issues as they relate to computer and information system security.


• This Online Test is made up of 20 questions.

• Review the learning resources for Module 1.1 – Module 2.2 before undertaking the Online Test.

• You will have 30 minutes to complete the attempt.

• The Online Test attempt will shut down at 30 minutes duration.

• If you leave the Online Test for a period of time prior to completion there will a forced completion.

• This Online Test will comprise of Multiple-choice Questions.

The quiz will be graded automatically and you will receive your grade outcome instantly.

Question 1                           

What is the most common goal of search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning?

•           to trick someone into installing malware or divulging personal information
•           to build a botnet of zombies
•           to overwhelm a network device with maliciously formed packets
•           to increase web traffic to malicious sites                                

Question 2               

What type of attack disrupts services by overwhelming network devices with bogus traffic?

•           brute force
•           port scans
•           zero-day
•           DDoS                          

Question 3

Which technology removes direct equipment and maintenance costs from the user for data backups?

•           a cloud service
•           network attached storage
•           a tape
•           an external hard drive                         

Question 4

Which statement describes cyberwarfare?      

•           Cyberwarfare is an attack carried out by a group of script kiddies.
•           It is simulation software for Air Force pilots that allows them to practice under a simulated war scenario.
•           It is a series of personal protective equipment developed for soldiers involved in nuclear war.
•           It is Internet-based conflict that involves the penetration of information systems of other nations.


Question 5

Which configuration on a wireless router is not considered to be adequate security for a wireless network?

•           prevent the broadcast of an SSID
•           implement WPA2 encryption
•           enabling wireless security
•           modify the default SSID and password of a wireless router                         

Question 6      

A network administrator is conducting a training session to office staff on how to create a strong and effective password. Which password would most likely take the longest for a malicious user to guess or break?

•           super3secret2password1
•           10characters
•           drninjaphd
•           mk$$cittykat104#                               



Question 7         

Which type of technology can prevent malicious software from monitoring user activities, collecting personal information, and producing unwanted pop-up ads on a user computer?

•           two factor authentication
•           firewall
•           password manager
•           antispyware                             

Question 8

Which tool can identify malicious traffic by comparing packet contents to known attack signatures?

•           Nmap
•           Netflow
•           Zenma
•           IDS                             

Question 9

What is the best method to prevent Bluetooth from being exploited?

•           Always disable Bluetooth when it is not actively used.
•           Always use a VPN when connecting with Bluetooth.
•           Only use Bluetooth when connecting to a known SSID.
•           Only use Bluetooth to connect to another smartphone or tablet.                               

Question 10     

Why do IoT devices pose a greater risk than other computing devices on a network?

•           Most IoT devices do not receive frequent firmware updates.
•           IoT devices cannot function on an isolated network with only an Internet connection.
•           Most IoT devices do not require an Internet connection and are unable to receive new updates.
•           IoT devices require unencrypted wireless connections.                                  

Question 11

In what way are zombies used in security attacks?

•           They are maliciously formed code segments used to replace legitimate applications.
•           They probe a group of machines for open ports to learn which services are running.
•           They target specific individuals to gain corporate or personal information.
•           They are infected machines that carry out a DDoS attack.                            

Question 12

What is the motivation of a white hat attacker?

•           discovering weaknesses of networks and systems to improve the security level of these systems
•           studying operating systems of various platforms to develop a new system
•           taking advantage of any vulnerability for illegal personal gain
•           fine tuning network devices to improve their performance and efficiency                            

Question 13

Which method is used to check the integrity of data?

•           checksum
•           backup
•           authentication
•           encryption                               

Question 14

Which tool can perform real-time traffic and port analysis, and can also detect port scans, fingerprinting and buffer overflow attacks?

•           Netflow
•           Snort
•           Nmap
•           SIEM                          


Question 15    

Which two characteristics describe a worm? (Choose two.)

•           hides in a dormant state until needed by an attacker
•           executes when software is run on a computer
•           travels to new computers without any intervention or knowledge of the user
•           infects computers by attaching to software code                               


Question 16

What is the purpose of a rootkit?

•           to replicate itself independently of any other programs
•           to gain privileged access to a device while concealing itself
•           to deliver advertisements without user consent
•           to masquerade as a legitimate program                                   

Question 17  

Which protocol is used by the Cisco Cyber threat Defence Solution to collect information about the traffic that is traversing the network?

•           HTTPS
•           Telnet
•           NAT
•           NetFlow                                  


Question 18

Which type of attack allows an attacker to use a brute force approach?

•           social engineering
•           denial of service
•           packet sniffing
•           password cracking                              

Question 19

How can users working on a shared computer keep their personal browsing history hidden from other workers that may use this computer?

•           Use only an encrypted connection to access websites.
•           Move any downloaded files to the recycle bin.
•           Reboot the computer after closing the web browser.
•           Operate the web browser in private browser mode.                           

Question 20

What is the last stage of the Cyber Kill Chain framework?                                              

•           remote control of the target device
•           creation of malicious payload
•           gathering target information
•           malicious action


Total 80 MCQ question with correct answers

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[Solved] MIS607 Assessment 1 - Online Quiz (MIS607 Cybersecurity)

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