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DDBA 8581 Week 6 Assignment 1: Presentation of Analysis and Synthesis of Research (A1–W6)

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Assignment 1: Presentation of Analysis and Synthesis of Research


By Day 7 of Week 6


If you have been assigned to be a Presenter this week, please review and complete the following assignment. If you have been assigned the role of Participant this week, you should proceed to Discussion 1 on the course navigation menu.


As the Presenter for this 2–week unit, based on your own prior knowledge and current research, you will present a 7– to 10–slide PowerPoint presentation relating to the weekly topic “Forecasting and Knowledge Management.” You should strive to be as persuasive as possible that the specific concepts you have reviewed are exciting research avenues and that they are potentially breakthrough areas in the understanding of forecasting and knowledge management.


Your presentation should contain the following elements:

·        Incorporation and analysis of the Required Resources from this 2–week unit

·        Incorporation and analysis of at least three additional resources from the Walden Library

·        Identification of principal schools of thought, tendencies in the academic literature, or commonalities that define the academic scholarship regarding your topic

·        Evaluation of the main concepts with a focus on their application to management practice and their impact on positive social change

·        Incorporation of the Learning Objectives from this 2–week unit


Post your 7– to 10–slide PowerPoint presentation to the Discussion 2 – Week 7 thread. In the subject line of your post, replace the text with “Your First Name Last Name’s Presentation” (for example, the subject line for Jeff Smith’s post would be Jeff Smith’s Presentation). This will ensure it is easily identifiable by your Instructor and your colleagues.


DDBA 8581 Week 6 DQ Presenter(s) and Participants


Presenter(s) and Participants:

By Day 3 and 7 of Week 7



Continue the Discussion on both the Participants’ and Presenter(s)’ postings by addressing the following summative considerations that pertain specifically to the topics for this 2–week unit:


·        In what ways do the readings, provided in this week’s Learning Resources and those identified by you and your colleagues, answer important “so what?” questions in the field of human resources?

·        How are these readings potentially valuable for research in the field?

·        Are there any important gaps (i.e., contradictions, arguments, disagreements, or areas of divergence) within this set of readings that point to potential topics for future research?

·        How would you follow up to extend or explore these gaps?




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[Solved] DDBA 8581 Week 6 Assignment 1: Presentation of Analysis and Synthesis of Research (A1–W6)

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