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Museums Virtual Tours Review

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For this Essay, you will visit an art museum of your choice. You may visit one in person or take a virtual tour via the Internet. Below is a list of museums that offer virtual tours that you may want to review for this assignment. Please note that you are not limited to this list:

·         Louvre

·         National Gallery of Art

·         The National Gallery

You may select a virtual tour from this list above. Please include the name and location of your museum in your introductory paragraph.

For this essay, write about two artworks from the periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, or Post-Impressionist periods.

For each piece, address the following:

·         Include the title, artist, date, medium, and scale.

·         Describe the artwork.

·         Describe the artist’s role in his or her society/community.

·         What do you think is the artist’s message?

·         What are the cultural significances of this piece?

·         What historical elements are included in this piece?

Formatting: Your essay will be at least five pages in length and include the following:

·         Title page (1 page)

·         Written Essay (2 pages)

·         Image(s) (1 page)

·         References (1 page)

·         Use Times New Roman 12- point font.

·         Double space all lines, and indent the first line of each paragraph.

·         Your title page should be correctly formatted with a Running Head and page number listed in the Header area.

·         Include your title, name, and school centered on the title page.

·         Your written essay should contain at least three paragraphs (including an introductory and conclusion).

·         Your last page will have the word References centered at the top.

All sources used, including the museum, must be cited in APA Style and included on the reference page.



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[Solved] Museums Virtual Tours Review

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Museums Virtual Tour Name Institution Museums Virtual Tour Historical artworks present a readily available lens through which the current and future generations can view and understand the historical journeys of their societies. As such, all historical sites have been significantly protected in a bid to preserve history and heritage of the world. Among the most common areas where such historical content is preserved are the museums where ancient artworks are kept and made accessible to the public on request. This paper will present a virtual tour at the National Gallery, in London. It will also highlight two artworks from the Reconnaissance period and the artist as well as his role in his community. First, it is worth noting that the Renaissance period represents the renewal of the interest in classical artwork, especially from Italy, between the 14th and the 16th centuries. The period was characterized by numerous changes in the societies as new religious practices came up among other discoveries (National Gallery "Tour," 2018). The first artwork to be examined during the virtual tour at the National Gallery is the Bacchus and Ariadne that was made in 1520 by Titan. The oil-on-canvas made artwork measures 176.5 ...
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Museums Virtual Tours Review

Museums Virtual Tour Name Institution Museums Virtual Tour Historical artworks present a readily available lens through which the current and future generations can view and understand the historical journe...

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