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Write a critical review on the contribution to economic thought, public policy

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Write a critical review on the contribution to economic thought, public policy or financial market theory of the economist assigned to you in Appendix #1. You need to identify his/her salient contributions. Indicate how these contributions have changed or influenced economic thought, history, government policies or investment strategies. Do you think that the ideas of your chosen economist are still useful to us in analyzing and dealing with current economic issues? Discuss. My economist is Alfred Marshall.

Your paper should be about 1000 words long (exclusive of any cover or reference pages), use Word, if possible, and size 12 font. Use proper references and a consistent APA style. In this regard, you should use the References tab in Word to assist in your presentation. You can get help in preparing your paper from the Purdue Owl Writing Clinic assessed via a link in Blackboard. Do not use references or extracts from Wikipedia. Be careful to avoid any indication of plagiarism. We do have the Turnitin software and use it to ensure adherence to the guidelines.

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[Solved] Write a critical review on the contribution to economic thought, public policy

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Write a critical review on ...
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