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CSIS 100 Final Exam 100% & All Answers

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In an information systems department, the enterprise systems subunit is responsible for ________.

Purple Stones, an interior decorator, has an online store to enable quicker purchase of its products. The website allows users to post reviews of products. This helps other customers evaluate the quality of a product before buying it. Which of the following is illustrated in this scenario?

Which of the following is an example of volunteering with the help of an information system?

Decision making that draws on billions of pieces of aggregated information to reveal important trends and patterns is called ________.

How do web-based online self-service applications transform an organization's relationships with its customers?

Network effects refer to the ________.

A value chain can be extended by incorporating feedback from customers.

Which of the following organizations faces higher switching costs?

A benchmark is a baseline measurement considered as optimal, though it is sometimes simply an industry average.

Which of the following is a useful benchmark for information systems?

What advantage does VoIP offer over PBXs?

A network which connects computers, printers, scanners, and other devices in a single building or home is called a ________.

In comparison with primary storage, hard drives are ________.

A wireless router has a wired connection to the network and sends radio signals from the antennae.

Which of the following is referred to as the brain of a computer?

Which of the following uses databases without boundaries?

Making changes to an integrated database is considered a challenge because ________.

To collate innovative ideas for an important business project, a manager creates a database which is not integrated into the enterprise database. The new database is an example of a(n)

________ refers to collections of data that are so enormous in size, so varied in content, and so fast to accumulate that they are difficult to store and analyze using traditional approaches.

In a relational database, information is organized into tables in which each row represents a(n) ________.

Sellers Forever Inc. makes use of a system that sends emails to all employees in the organization with requests to recognize and congratulate the top performing sales reps at the end of every week to encourage and motivate the sales team. Which of the following has the company employed?

An integrated application suite to support a whole establishment that includes modules to manage financials, human resources, supply chain, customer relationships, and other business processes is called ________.

The information systems used by customer relationship management (CRM) are often ________.

Which of the following components of the HCM systems keep track of employee time and attendance, sick leave, vacation leave, and project assignments?

In the United States, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates many aspects of compliance.

Which of the following demonstrates a downside of crowdsourcing?

Which of the following elements of website usability refers to the effort it takes to regain the same level of proficiency when a user returns to a website after a period of time?

To assess the usability of a site, the designers of the site can ask visitors to perform a sequence of tasks and observe the problems they encounter.

A ________ is a small text file left on a website visitor's hard drive that is used to personalize the site for the visitor, or track web activities. allows small-scale producers to post information about their products on the site and prospective buyers compare the prices and features of the competing products before purchasing them. Which of the following types of e-marketplaces does represent?

In e-commerce metrics, ________ refers to the amount an advertiser pays each time a visitor clicks on the ad to navigate to the advertiser's site.

________ refers to how long visitors remain at a particular website.

Text mining, which monitors web chatter, helps in managing customer relationships and spotting crises early.

Which of the following is a function of what-if analysis?

Intelligent agents that extract business intelligence from publicly accessible websites are also known as ________.

Donald Garner Inc., a manufacturing company in California, recently recruited a large number of employees for its new branch office in the city. The company wants to create knowledge storehouses that employees can edit as needed, adding contributions from their own personal experience or updating existing information. Which of the following can the company use to create such a substantial base of knowledge for its new employees?

Which of the following is true of instant messaging?

Media richness is usually starkly lower online than during face-to-face.

What is the function of microformats like the hCard?

Sarah Jones is a communications assistant at Sustainable Living Inc., a nonprofit organization in Las Vegas. Which of the following can give her quick access to emails, video calling, and corporate RSS feeds that help her be in constant touch with the campaigners for the organization?

Which of the following types of captured knowledge is ideal for developing plans of action to experiment with and invest in?

________ knowledge refers to knowledge that can be documented and codified.

Which of the following is an accurate definition of knowledge management?

Which of the following instructional techniques does not support asynchronous interaction?

Sally Frost is a public engagement coordinator at Wildlife Foundation. What kind of capital does she contribute to the organization when she successfully interacts with volunteers, builds contacts with corporate houses and long-term relations with government bodies over the years?

Which of the following functions does a firewall perform?

A ________ is an intermediary server that receives and analyzes requests from clients and then directs them to their destinations.

According to the incidence response plan, which of the following would be most useful in containing any damage caused by a security threat?

Which of the following laws prohibits businesses from sending misleading or deceptive commercial emails, but denies recipients any legal recourse on their own?

The term ________ refers to a collection of computers that have been compromised by malware, often through some vulnerability in their software or operating system.

________ is an important part of the planning stage of the systems development life cycle and examines whether an initiative is viable from technical, financial, and legal standpoints.

Michael Hammer's business process reengineering was criticized because it ________.

A ________ is often the only logical implementation strategy for smaller systems.

Service-oriented architecture is especially useful in ________ companies.

Designers use the unified modeling language (UML) to ________.

In acceptance testing, tests are conducted by an organization's IT staff to assess how well a system performs under peak loads.

Components such as response time, availability, and scalability are examples of the ________ included in an RDD.

________ is the first step in the systems development life cycle, which defines the business need for a project, assesses its importance to the company, and determines whether the project is feasible.

Sam Torres, a security officer at a content management firm, is required to monitor the people coming in and going out of the organization and ensure data privacy through the process of encryption. Which of the following types of requirements is Sam focusing on in the given scenario?

The ________ compresses the time horizon for software development and focuses on the time available until the next release while the development team determines how many of the requirements it can deliver in that time frame.

Which of the following disasters is most likely to cause massive absenteeism in organizations?

Which of the following tools helps keep a project on track to meet its deadlines by listing tasks on a work breakdown schedule?

A confirmation bias is a rare human tendency to believe that an event was predictable even if it was not.

A ________ oversees all the projects going on throughout the organization and provides project management training, software, and support.

Which of the following activities should project managers spend more time on?

The ________ lays out rules about what employees are allowed to do with IT resources and what activities are disallowed.

Which of the following is most likely to be a consequence of a security breach in an organization?

Which of the following best describes a planning fallacy?

The ________ refers to the longest course through the project, which identifies those tasks that cannot be delayed without affecting the finish date.

One of the critical factors that contribute to the failure of projects is ________.

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[Solved] CSIS 100 Final Exam 100% & All Answers

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Sample Question and Answer: Question 2 2 out of 2 points Purple Stones, an interior decorator, has an online store to enable quicker purchase of its products. The website allows users to post reviews of products. This helps other customers evaluate...
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CSIS 100 Final Exam 100% & All Answers

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