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Bontragers Textbook of Radiographic positioning and related anatomy 100%

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Bontragers Textbook of Radiographic positioning

and related anatomy 100% graded answers A+



What is the most common of all radiographic procedures? - Chest


What is another name for chest? - Thorax


What is the chest? - upper portion of the trunk between the neck and




Radiographic anatomy of the chest is divided into how many sections?

Name them - 1. Bony Thorax

2.  Respiratory System proper

3.  Mediastinum


What is the bony thorax? - The part of the skeletal system that provides framework for the parts of the chest involves with breathing and blood circulation.


What is the term thoracic viscera used to describe? - The parts of the chest, consisting of the lung and the remaining thoracic organs contained in the mediastinum


Anterior what is located in the chest? - 1.sternum (manubrium, body,

xiphoid process)(breastbone)



Superiorly the bony thorax consists of - 2 clavicles (collarbone)

2 Scapulae (shoulder blades)


12 pair of ribs that circle the thorax


12 thoracic vertebrae posteriorly



What does accurate and consistent radiographic positioning require? - Certain landmarks, or reference points, that can be used to center the image receptor correctly to ensure that all essential anatomy is include on that specific projection.


Where should these land marks be? - Should be parts of the body that are

easily and consistently located on patients.



What are two landmarks for chest positioning? - Vertebra prominens

Jugular notch



What is the vertebra prominens used for? - Important landmark for determining the central ray location on a posterioanterior or (PA) chest projection.


Where is the vertebra prominens located? - C7