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E-commerce project

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Use graphical tools to design the logical and physical layout of the planned e-commerce company's information systems.

Use graphical tools to illustrate the possible placement of key infrastructure elements with external connectivity (Internet) and internal connectivity (firewalls, LAN).

Develop the bill of materials and tabulate it in a spreadsheet to include item, description, model number, and approximate cost.

Document the methodology and process to include the engineering, furnishing, and installation of the identified inventory.

Use three sources to support your writing.

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[Solved] E-commerce project

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  • Submitted On 17 Aug, 2021 12:13:32
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Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name and Number Professor’s Name Assignment Due Date Design A Logical And Physical Topographical Layout Of The Planned Network Through the Use Of Graphical Tools The network and IT administrators use logical and physical topographical layout to map and understand the network infrastructure of the organization (Clemm et al., 2018, 1). The network topology layout shows the location of all devices. The following diagrams show the logical and physical topology of Freeway Express, an insurance company. The yellow lines in the physical topology represent the walls of the company premises. Figure 1 logical topology of Freeway Express, an insurance company. Figure 2 the physical topology of Freeway Express, an insurance company. b. Illustrate the Possible Placement of Servers Including Access Paths to the Internet and Firewalls The servers, firewall, network router and storage devices will be stored inside the server room which will be located on the second floor of the two story buildings. The second floor provides more security to these IT infrastructures as compared to the first floor. The server room will have a restricted access and only the authorized IT personnel will be allowed to access the premises. The door will be secured by biometric fingerprint scanners. There will also be a number of cameras on the third floor which will monitor human activities outside the server room. Furthermore, the decision to host the server room on the first floor ensures that the essential equipment are protected from natural disasters such as flood. The topology includes two printers which will be connected to Freeway Express, an insurance company network. Printer 1 will serve all the employees in finance, sales and marketing departments. On the other hand, printer 2 will serve all individuals in the administration and human resource department. The topology also depicts a total of four switches. The first switch which is the main switch will be placed inside the server room. The second switch will be available inside the finance, sales and marketing room. The third switch will be hosted by the administration and human resource department. The other switch will be available inside the IT department. It is imperative to note that these switches will be placed inside the switch-racks that will be operated by authorized employees alone. The switches are configured in such a way that they can allow access points to connect to them. The access points will act as wireless network transmitters for those employees with mobile devices such as tablets and routers. The workstations will be located in various departments such as sales, manufacturing, finance, administration, human resource and the IT departments. The work station will use the RJ-45 ports installed on the wall to connect to switches which consequently connects to the router. The workstation PC’s will connect to the network switches using cables. The mobile devices will also be able to connect to the access point which in turn connects to the network switch. The mobile devices will connect to the access point through wireless media. The topology of the physical network will have strict security protocols that will protect the organization information systems. Only the authorized IT employees will have access to management software that controls the switch, router, storage and servers. Furthermore, there will be additional access control list, ACLs configuration on switches and routers to further hardened th...
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