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Documentary Reflection

  • From Psychology, General Psychology
  • Due on 13 Jun, 2021 11:59:00
  • Asked On 03 Jun, 2021 11:47:14
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Goal: To gain a deeper understanding of the impact of drug addiction on individuals, family, and society.


-Watch the documentary, Heroin (E), on the opioid crisis on Netflix (It is about 41 minutes long)


Please note that documentaries that depict drug addiction often include depictions of drug use and its negative consequences. If you are uncomfortable with this assignment, please speak with me and we can find an alternate assignment.


-Write a Paper. 

Next, you will write an approximately 3-4 page paper (double spaced) reflecting on the documentary. In your paper will you need to discuss the following topics. I highly recommend using a header for each topic (a subtitle) as it helps organize the paper. 


  • -Jan’s experience as a first responder.
    • describe the experience of overdose from the user’s perspective and from Jan’s perspective.
  • -Judge Patricia’s experience as a judge in drug court
    • describe the experience of drug court from the perspective of the judge and its participants.
  • -Necia’s experience providing brown bag lunches to women on the street.
    • describe the experience of the women working on the street and Necia’s attempts to help them.
  • -Why does this area of West Virginia have the highest rates of overdoses?
  • -What reasons do users give for their use?
  • -Identify and describe the acute symptoms that users demonstrate in the documentary.
  • -Describe the use of Narcan.
  • -What glimpses do you see of how the opioid crisis is affecting families?
  • -What does recovery look like?
  • -What have you learned about addiction from this documentary?

The format of your paper should be

12 font

Times New Roman

Double Spaced

Additionally, you should include key terms from the text book that you cite when you use.  I am expecting 10 terms to be included within the paper. Please bold the terms so that I can find them easily.

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[Solved] Documentary reflection answer

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