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Globalization and the ancient world essay

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Students will have to find the most important connections that we find in the present day with the ancient times and the influence of the ancients in our lives: some examples of topics to cover are words and idiomatic expressions, traditions, technology of any kind, ideas, beliefs, politics, etc. It can be done in organized sections by groups of civilizations (Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc.) or by a list of different topics (vocabulary and expressions from the Greeks, Romans, etc.; technology, warfare tactics, traditions, construction techniques, religion, philosophical thoughts, etc.). In other words, you will have to provide a list of main contributions, influences and connections of the ancient civilizations covered in this class with the present world, and those most relevant for the process of globalization and common good, or general progress. Each annotation of the list will have a short paragraph describing, explaining, and evaluating the importance of that contribution, influence or connection. Typed double-spaced; Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12. Bullet point paragraphs accepted as far as they are well explained. No limit on its extension, but a minimum of 8 pages is required, and the use of at least three (3) different sources. List of sources/bibliography required at the end of the paper

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[Solved] Globalization and the ancient world essay

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Ancient and modern human civilizations have immensely ...
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