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TerpCo Foods sells organic soup in cans with a labeled net weight of 16 ounces. We would like to determine if the average weight of TerpCo’s soup cans is different from the labeled weight. The company randomly selected 36 cans and the average is 15.9 and the sample standard deviation is 0.3.

(a) State the null and the alternative hypotheses for this problem Define your parameter and write out your test in terms of the parameter.

(b) Use StatTools to conduct the hypothesis test using the data below (copy and paste the table on your Excel worksheet). Generate the StatTools report and display it in your answer box.

(c) At the 5% level of significance, interpret the result of the hypothesis test in plain English.

(d) Compute the 95% confidence interval by hand or using StatTools and provide the interpretation of it in English.


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