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Reality Check Paper

  • From Psychology, Clinical Psychology
  • Due on 25 Apr, 2021 11:59:00
  • Asked On 23 Apr, 2021 10:43:31
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Reality Check

  1. Preparation:
    1. Get your supplies ready
      1. Print off the Illusions and Ambiguity PPT download
      2. Have a stop watch (or wrist watch with a 2nd hand) available
      3. Use the Reality Scoring Sheet to Take Notes
    2. Client -- Set aside a time (with client) to administer this evaluation
  2. Gather Data:
    1. Show each picture (while hiding clue at bottom) Ask "what do you see?"
    2. Record the 1st answer
    3. Ask, "can you see anything else?
    4. After one minute, give he clue such as "old lady, young lady"
    5. Record time from giving clue to 2nd response, NOTE interesting comments
  3. Debrief with client
    1. Ask client about how he.she felt in the beginning, when he.she couldn't see anything or could only see one thing
    2. What did the client find the most helpful in deciphering illusions into reality?
  4. Tally the Data:
    1. How many correct 1st responses (either response is considered correct)
    2. How many clues were required before a 2nd response was given?
    3. What slide took the longest to decipher?
  5. Write report (this is what you will be graded on)
    1. Intro - focus on reality and how the brain interprets it
    2. Transition
    3. Demographics
    4. Methods
    5. Results
    6. Discussion
    7. Summary -- reality and how one specific client interpreted the reality of illusion
    8. Be sure to include some anecdotes (comments made by client) to add the human touch
    9. Use APA format
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[Solved] Reality check paper

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Reality Check Preparation: Get your supplies ready Print off the Illusions and Ambiguity PPT d...
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