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The Western Literary Tradition-English 205

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  • Due on 16 Jun, 2020 10:16:00
  • Asked On 09 Jun, 2020 09:19:34
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In your paper, discuss the hero's journey as defined by Joseph Campbell and relate it to the two texts we have studies thus far. As far as gender, what are some ideas about female roles in this type of literature? How do narrowly defined gender roles confine female characters in particular, as opposed to their male counterparts?

*Your focus is LITERARY ANALYSIS.  You are not writing about gender in general or making generalizations about time periods. You need to engage in literary analysis of the texts specifically.*

The paper should have a clear topic (the terms) supported by the literature (provide ample citations from the literature). The paper should be AT LEAST 3 FULL pages in length (no extra space or giant font or huge margins - must be MLA compliant with one inch margins, double spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font), with an introduction, four to five body paragraphs (a paragraph being roughly 13 to 18 sentences), and a conclusion.

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[Solved] The Western Literary Tradition-English 205

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In your paper, discuss the hero's journey as defined by Joseph Campbell and relate it to the two...
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