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EEOC & priorities to U.S.

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Visit the EEOC website at Pay particualr attention to the "statistics" tab on the "About EEOC" menu. Identify current trends in complaints being filed with the EEOC. Based on your review of the EEOC press releases posted on this site, what appears to be the agency's current priorities and how appropriate do you feel these priorities are in the U.S. society?

Discuss how social and cultural norms influence how other nations deal with issues addressed in US employment laws. Pick 2 of the employment laws discussed in this chapter covered by the EEOC page. Discuss how other cultures (2 others: choose 2 European Union, Japan, Australia or china) have dealt or might deal with these same issues. You should find peer reviewed articles to support your ideas.

Topics in this chapter include:

Employment at will

The equal pay act

Civil Rights act of 1964

Sexual harassment

Affirmitave action

pregnancy discrimination act

family and medical leave act

What values or assumptions do the laws of these countries make about the employment relationship?

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[Solved] Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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Equal Employment Opp...
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[Solved] Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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Hey, Please find ...
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