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Stats 200 Quiz #2

  • From Mathematics, Statistics
  • Due on 20 Feb, 2015 09:20:00
  • Asked On 19 Feb, 2015 02:22:38
  • Due date has already passed, but you can still post solutions.
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Quiz 2

Each question is worth 1 point.

Don’t leave anything blank. I can always find a way to give you some credit if you’ve made an attempt. Be sure to post any questions you have after the answers open.

The work you turn in by 11:59 P.M. on Feb 22nd must be your own.


1.      You draw two cards from a deck, what is the probability that:


a.       both of them are face cards (king, queen, or jack)?





b.      you draw two cards from a deck and both of them are hearts?







2.      Assume adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.


a.       Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has IQ < 115






b.      Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has IQ > 70






c.       Find P30, which is the IQ separating the bottom 30% from the top 70%






3.      a.  When would the mean grade in a class on a final exam be considered a statistic?




b.  When would it be considered a parameter?




c..  Define bias in terms of expected value.



b.       Is it possible for a statistic to be unbiased yet very imprecise? Can it be accurate but biased?




      4. a.  Why is a 99% confidence interval wider than a 95% confidence interval?



          b.  When you construct a 95% confidence interval, what are you 95% confident about?



5.      My parents lived in Florida and wanted to know the probability of winning the Florida

Fantasy 5 if they bought one ticket. They had to pick the five winning numbers from 1-

36. Each randomly selected number is different and order doesn’t matter. What is the

Probability of their winning?





6.       In a study of families with children with disabilities, group of 6 US households were

randomly selected. In the table below, the random variable x represents the number of

households among 6 that had a child with a disability living there.



























a)      Is this a probability distribution?



b)      What is the mean?







c)      What is the standard deviation?








7.      Ten peas are generated from parents having the green/yellow pair of genes so there is a

75% probability that an individual pea will have a green pod. Find the probability that

among the 10 offspring peas, at least 9 have green pods. Is this unusual? Explain.





























8.  Find the critical value:


a. Z0.02



b. Z0.01



c. Z0.10






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