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Blog on Assalt and Battery

Assalt and Battery by Dr.FrapetphD




Simple assault is identified by the law as the attempt to cause a violent injury to an individual. It also entails the act of putting somebody in a status that they can subdue such violent injuries. Simple assault doesn’t necessarily call for a physical contact rather a simple placement of threatening words. An aggravating assault is, on the other hand, a higher degree of assault involving an intention to rob, rape, or murder. The assault might also emanate from the deliberate use of a tool or a device that can cause serious injuries on an individual (Saunders, 2016). The aggravating assault also entails a shoot-out from a vehicle directed to a person to cause imminent injuries. The law further acknowledges serious disfigurement, simple battery, and aggravated batteries as injuries to the body. A serious disfigurement involves permanent and primarily visible damage to a person’s body including a scar or loss of a body part. A simple battery, on the contrary, involves a simple contact maliciously intended to either cause or provoke another individual. The assault might as well involve an intentionally caused physical harm to somebody. An aggravated battery is eventually a malicious and intentional infliction of a serious injury including a serious disfigurement and loss of a body part on an individual.

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